• Matis Multimasking Set – 4 Masks

    Matis Multimasking  set

    4 great masks to choose from in one kit

    Enables you to choose the right mask to treat your different skin areas

    The 4 masks are a limited edition set and offer the following benefits:-

    • Soothe and Protect
    • Smooth & Moisturise
    • Provide comfort for sensitive skin
    • Improve skin texture
  • Matis Eyes & Lips Treatment Mask SALON SIZE 100ML

    Matis Eyes & Lips Treatment Mask Salon Size 100ML UNBOXED

    For an undernourished and dehydrated eyes and lips contour area.

    This mask nourishes and hydrates the eye and lips contour area and leaves the skin soft and comfortable. It helps to blur the lines of dehydration.

    Main Active Ingredients:

    WHITE BEESWAX : nourishing and protective actions.

    MARINE ELASTINE : an active ingredient of a marine origin improving the suppleness of the skin.


    Apply a hazel nut once to twice a week to the eye and / or lips contour area. Leave on for 10 minutes then rinse. You can also leave on in a thin layer overnight.

  • Matis Vitality by M VitaminiC Mask 50ml

    Vitaminic Mask

    A kick-fatigue and radiance solution.

    A real radiance boost and an immediate feeling of well-being with this orange sorbet -like mask.

    Main Active Ingredients:

    VITAMIN C : an exceptional active ingredient, Vitamin C stimulates collagen synthesis, protects cells from damage caused by free radicals and evens the skin tone. It brings energy, radiance and luminosity to the skin.

    EXTRACTS OF GOJI BERRIES : rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, B ​​and amino acids, they help to strengthen and stimulate skin cells while regenerating and protecting the epidermis.


    Fresh and delicious, this translucent mask is to be applied once or twice a week to the face and neck to boost the skin and awaken its natural glow. Leave on during 10 minutes to see the signs of fatigue reduced and the skin enlivened, enlightened and full of peps. Avoid the eye area.

  • Matis Reponse Intensive Densifiance Re-Sculpting Mask 50ml

    Intensive Densifiance Re-Sculpting Mask

    A shot of youth and radiance to the skin.

    With its comfortable texture, the Re-sculpting Mask is intended for all mature skin types. Combining a micro peeling action with a redensifying Densiderm™ technology, the Re-sculpting Mask provides intense radiance and brightness to the skin while offering it an incredible reshaping and toning effect.

    Main Active Ingredients:

    DENSIDERMTM COMPLEX : the signature of Matis Paris, this complex acts on the skin as an architect of the dermis. Made of natural active ingredients targetting mature skins, it combines dill and soy extracts to consolidate and restructure in depth the dermal network and then improve its firmness, tone and density.

    GLYCOLIC ACID COUPLED WITH A SUCCORY POLYSACCHARIDE: this coupling allows a stabilization of glycolic acid for a daily gentle exfoliation. The cell regeneration is stimulated, the complexion is uniform and the skin hydrated. 

    NANOCITRUS EXTRACT: rich in active molecules, these citroflavonoids help to hold back melanogenesis effects responsible for the appearance of dark spots.

    INCA INCHI OIL:  this vegetable oil, rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9, is a treasure of nutrition.


    Use once to twice per week to complete your skin care activity. Apply a thick layer to perfectly cleansed face, avoiding the eye contour area. Leave for 10 minutes then rinse with water.


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