• Matis Reponse Jeunesse Travel Kit

    Matis Reponse Jeunesse Travel Kit

    An Ideal kit to take away on holiday or as a starter kit


    • Essential Cleansing Emulsion 30ml
    • Essential Cleansing Lotion 30ml
    • Youth Grain Exfoliator 15ml
    • Youth Hydrating Mask 15ml
    • Fundamental Beautifying Cream 15ml
  • Matis Reponse Firmness Surprise Ball OleaScience & Intensive Remodelling Care

    Matis Reponse Firmness Surprise Ball OleaScience & Intensive Remodelling Care

    Christmas Firmness Surprise Ball

    • OleaScience  15ml
    • Intensive Remodeling Care  15ml


    New exception Oil-serum for face – rich in benefits, shows improved skin repair, to further reduce deep wrinkles and restore elasticity to the skin.an extraordinary formulation, An oil, rich and silky with a non-greasy texture, slides and melts pleasantly into the skin. Using OleaScience daily guarantees a visible effect on skin ageing.


    HEART OF THE FORMULA – TEAR CRYSTALS : boosts cell activity . “Tear Crystals” boost collagen and fibrillin production by increasing KLOTHO (longevity proteins)protein synthesis in fibroblasts.

    QUATUOR OF SEED OILS CONCENTRATE : recognised for their numerous anti-ageing properties, and especially for their major rebuilding properties

    INCA INCHI SEED OILS CONCENTRATED : The highest omega 3, 6, 9 and Vitamin E content

    POMEGRANTE SEED OILS CONCENTRATED : Rich in antioxidants (especially flavonoids) and in essential fatty acids.

    JOJOBA SEED OILS CONCENTRATED : Rich in linoleic acid

    RICE BRAN SEED OILS CONCENTRATED : Rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes


    Apply to clean skin under the usual day or night cream. Apply to the face, neck and bust. Place the required number of drops into the palm of the hand, 2 to 4 depending on how dry the skin is then :

    • – Apply to the face while rubbing the concentrate in
    • – Smooth from the middle of the face to the outside
    • – Tap the face with the fingers to boost microcirculation

     Intensive Remodelling Care

    The Intensive Remodeling Care helps your skin to fight slackening.

    This remodeling care helps mature skin to fight slackening by finding substance, tone and rebound lost over time.  Firming and smoothing, the Intensive Remodeling Care brings wellness and protection thanks to its velvety texture.


    DENSIDERMTM COMPLEX : the signature of Matis Paris, this complex acts on the skin as an architect of the dermis. Made of natural active ingredients targetting mature skins, it combines dill and soy extracts to consolidate and restructure in depth the dermal network and then improve its firmness, tone and density.

    LIPOPEPTIDE R : this amino acid complex allows counterbalancing some signs of ageing such as a loss of firmness. It strengthens the skin structure and improves the appearance of the skin by delaying the effects of ageing.

    SMARTVECTOR U.V.® : encapsulated, vitamins C and E (antioxidant proprieties) are gradually released throughout the day under the influence of light rays to assure a permanent and continuous action. 

    OAT SUGAR FRACTIONS : innovative active ingredients with toning, lifting* and smoothing effects.

    * Cosmetic lifting


    Apply in the morning to perfectly cleansed face and neck. For more effectiveness, use in combination with the Redensifying Concentrate and the Restructuring Evening Care.

  • Matis Reponse Jeunesse Avantage Normal/Combination & Reponse Yeux Eye Reviving Cream

    Golden Coffret

    Matis Reponse Jeunesse AvantAge Normal to Combination & Eye Reviving Cream

    Matis due kit contains:

    • Matis Reponse Jeunesse AvantAge Normal to Combination
    • Eye Reviving Cream

    Matis Reponse Jeunesse AvantAge Normal to Combination

    The prevention of signs of ageing.

    Avantage Jeunesse offers a comprehensive preventive action to act against glycation and oxidation by stimulating longevity proteins. Skin is strengthened and protected, its elasticity and firmness are preserved.


    LONGEVITY COMPLEX : consist of rice extracts and vine shoot, it enables the sirtuins synthesis which controls the cell activity and regulate their metabolism. The cell aging is slowed down.

    PROTECTIVE COMPLEX : the peptide mixture can limit glycation and oxidation, both major mechanisms involved in the process of skin ageing. The flexibility and elasticity of the skin are preserved.


    Morning and/or evening, apply to face and neck.


    The solution to lessen the puffiness and dark circles.

    This treatment fades dark circles and puffiness. With its draining effect and its corrective pigments, the signs of tiredness are reduced and the eye look is embellished.


    PHYTOEYETECH COMPLEX : an active ingredient composed in particular of Horse chestnut, Butcher’s Broom, Licorice, Centella Asiatica, and Marigold. It has a draining action to reduce the appearance of puffiness. Prevents any swelling and unaesthetic colorings of the eye contour. Creates a film on the surface of the skin for a better protection against the dehydration.

    WILD MANGO BUTTER : botanical butter which comes from a tree called Irvingia Gabonensis. Nourishing and soothing actions.

    CORRECTING PIGMENTS : optical pigments. Lighten dark circles and soften fine lines. Even out the skin around the eyes contour area.


    Apply morning and / or evening by gently massaging around the eye contour area, do not forget the crow’s-feet.



  • Matis Multimasking Set – 4 Masks

    Matis Multimasking  set

    4 great masks to choose from in one kit

    Enables you to choose the right mask to treat your different skin areas

    The 4 masks are a limited edition set and offer the following benefits:-

    • Soothe and Protect
    • Smooth & Moisturise
    • Provide comfort for sensitive skin
    • Improve skin texture

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